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3 tips to maximise your Electric Shaver battery life

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Most electric shavers come with an inbuilt rechargeable batteries. Whether you have purchased the best electric shaver on the market, you may find that after recharging it for a certain time, it either stops charging fully or fails to give you the manufacturer’s stated number of shaves per charge. In some worst cases, you may even find the battery quickly loose charge from 60 to 40minutes. If you have experience this or similar symptoms then the following tips may help salvage the situation.

What causes this behaviour in Electric shavers?
Most men unknowingly start charging their electric shaver when the batteries are not fully discharged. Another common behaviour is charging the battery when it’s not fully drained. What therefore happens is that the electric shaver’s memory about the normal charge gets messed up. In some electric shaver reviews, you may come across the terms for ‘memory effect’, “voltage depression” or the lazy battery effect.

The memory effect simply means that is you electric shaver battery’s memory is now confused and remembers the mid cycle. The impact of this memory loss is that over time the charge cycle reduces. Ultimately the battery’s capacity to fully charge is eroded.

Addressing the problem
The above problem can easily be corrected as it not a permanent battery damage. However the tips below will not work in the event that you have permanently damaged your electric shaver’s battery. Nonetheless it’s important that I cover the basics around battery types before jumping into how we can address the problem.

Common types of Electric Shaver rechargeable batteries
There are three common types of rechargeable batteries, which you can find in an electric shaver. Some of them don’t have the lazy battery effect due to their engineering. The charge length between the types of batteries also varies significantly.

i. Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH): This type of batter has the longest charge length. Although they have a higher capacity to hold a charge for longer, these batteries however have a high rate of self-discharge. The Ni-MH rechargeable battery does not have the lazy battery effect problem.

ii. Nickel- Cadmium (Ni-CD): This type of battery does not hold charge for long. It therefore requires you to recharge it more regularly. For this reason most top electric shavers do not use this type of battery. The Ni-CD battery is prone to memory effect.

iii. Lithium Ion Battery (Li-ion or LIB): This type is common in most electric shavers on the market. When not it use, these batteries have a slow rate of discharge so your shaver will hold power for longer. They also have no memory effect. Best electric shavers with this type of battery include the Braun Series 7 799CC, Braun Series 7- 790ccPhilips Norelco 1280X/47 and the Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5. I have  reviewed these shavers on this site if you fancy a read.

To maximise the performance of your rechargeable electric shaver battery, try the following tips.

1. Drain or discharge the battery.
As discussed above, you battery may showing signs of not charging due to improper discharging. Therefore make sure that you use your charger until it’s fully drained. If you have one of the top electric shaver which come with an LED panel, the battery status will be easily indicated.

If on the other hand you go for electric shavers under $50 for example they may not have this feature so you just guestimate. Also check the manufacturer recommendations on average shaves before a charge is required. Try and get into the habit of fully discharging your battery every month.

2. Maximum Recharge
The majority of electric shavers nowadays have a quick shave charge function. This is built in to help you in case of emergency. This will give you a charge which is long enough for one complete shave. It is advisable to not get in the habit of using this feature unless absolutely necessary to do so. Instead always recharge your shaver to the maximum capacity all the time.

3. Avoid Overcharging.
All electric shavers come with manufacturer recommendations on recharging. Read these instructions and avoid leaving you shaver plugged in overnight. This has a tendency to get battery temperatures too high and ultimately leads to the memory effect. Also do not use your shaver while it’s plugged in just to bypass charging. Better use the quick charge function if it exists.