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What are the differences between a trimmer and clipper?

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In most parts of the world, men have the tradition of cutting their hairs passed down from generations past and the purpose of this is to look neater and cleaner.

Originally, scissors are used in cutting the hair but as technology advances other tools were developed. Such tools include clippers and trimmers.

It is important to note that these two tools have similarities as well as differences. The both are used on the hair and can be used for shaving purposes.

Trimmers and their features

A trimmer is designed for various purposes and of course, its purposes differ from those of clippers. Some of the uniqueness of trimmers is shortly outlined:

  • Trimmers are designed for cleaning up the edges and also for doing small works.
  • They are designed for grooming facial hairs like beards and mustaches.
  • Just like a clipper, a trimmer involves comb-like blades which when passed through hairs cuts them.
  • Clippers are available both in manual and electrical operated units

When purchasing, you need to aim at the best beard trimmer in order to get the best result from it.

Best 3 Beard Trimmers

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This trimmer has a metal body, making it one of the most durable of the 3 trimmers.

Whats great about this trimmer is that it helps manage the “mess” resulting from clipping your beard thanks to its integrated vacuum system.

The Norelco QT4070/41 can be used either corded or cordless so if you pop in your bathroom to find it flat, stick in the cord and trim away.

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319SfTeAx8LThis beard trimmer more than trims your facial hair it works well for your hair, armpits and genitals.

This version of the trimmer is an improvement from the first version and has a longer lasting battery and a shaper blade.

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This beard trimmer has 19 adjustable levels. Each level adds/subtracts 0.5 millimeters so you can get are really close trim without need for comb attachments.

Its a cordless trimmer with fast action hypo-allergenic blades. You can wash this trimmer with water as its 100% washable.

For ease of cleaning the Panasonic ER-GB40-S is designed with a “water hole” which lets water freely flow righ through the trimmer.

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Clippers and their features

Clippers also have unique features which make them quite different form trimmers but they also have similarities.

  • Clippers are meant for cutting the bulk of the hair
  • Just like the trimmer, it involves a set of comb-like moving blades.
  • It can be electrically or manually operated.

Clippers are designed for the hairs in bulk while trimmers are designed for the beards and mustaches. Thus, one should be talking about the best hair clippers.

Differences Between Trimmers and Clippers

The design of clippers and trimmers are barely the same, one would wonder if there is any difference between them.

Of course, clippers and trimmers are not the same and the main difference between them is their sizes and intended use.

Clippers are large and can be used in doing the job of the haircut from the beginning to the end and they occur in different styles, designs and sizes.

Clippers are divided into two types

  1. Electric clippers: which include both the consumer and the professional grade models.
  2. Manual clippers: they are manually operated.

On the other hand, trimmers are used for doing the work in special and detailed form.

Trimmers are used in doing edge work, shaving necks and cleaning up hairlines.

Although clippers may also be used in doing these works but to do them more efficiently and better, you need trimmers. With trimmers, you can cut closely and accurately and precision is ensured.

Of course, there are different brands of trimmers as well as clippers in the market.

You can go through shaver reviews to learn more about them before making a purchase. Looking neat and wonderful is important for every man.

This is why you need the very best clippers and trimmers to ensure this. Most clippers and trimmers are sold at affordable prices, making them easily accessible.